Private Shopping Experience

The Hat Place Hat Buying Difference … we give customers in southern New England a unique hat buying experience.

You are transported into a world of high fashion hats for men and women by top international designers in the US, Canada, London, Paris, Italy, Austria, Amsterdam, Germany, and Holland.

The Hat Place designers also designed hats seen at the Duke and Duchess Of Cambridge's (William and Kate) Royal Wedding in 2011, in the UK.

Customized adjustments or embellishments/trims may be made, to ensure the perfect fit and to meet the personal desires of each customer for a lasting memory.

Looking for a special selection?  Customers are encouraged to have their outfit including the accessories to facilitate the perfect finishing touch.

Customers are encouraged to try different styles, shapes, etc. and become comfortable in a hat.  We believe that, contrary to the statement that is sometimes heard, "I am not a hat person", there is a hat for everyone! It is a
matter of proper proportions - facial structure, height, complexion, hair color and finally the customer's comfort level with the selection.

What one wears on one's head tells a story - chic, daring, up-to-date, etc..  It is a means of self expression.

The Hat Place will assist you in achieving understated elegance - you will stand out, not stick out, in a crowd.

by Appointment Only

Contact us to arrange your personalized, private shopping experience.